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  1. I have authorities in my wrist as well as damage done from motorcycle wrecks!!!
    I have hunted most all my life with long guns ! Never been able to hunt with pistols due to wrist problems, today I own a Encore 16.5″ pistol chambered in 308 win and 16.5″ pistol in 460 S&W!!!
    I can fire both of those single handed due to only one reason!!!!!
    That SPMARMS CO. has made available to all firearms user’s a custom made in shop and installed affordable Muzzle Break’s !!!!! My Hat Is Off, My Hand Extended in a Firm Hand Shake of ThankYou to JR SHULTZ and his work he is doing for the ” SHOOTER”
    SPMARMS Shop workers and JR. SHULTZ !!

  2. Hands down, absolutely the best. Fit, finish, performance, by far is the best work I’ve ever had done. Jr has done custom barrel work, chokes, and brakes for me on my T/C Encores. Turnaround time was amazing and his prices are unbeatable. Jr is now my go to gunsmith.

  3. When I want something done, I get it done right… SPMArms. These brakes actually cut
    Recoil by more than half. And they look great. Every single one is hand made. It’s great knowing this guy backs up his work with a guarantee, I’ve never had to use his guarantee, but it’s great knowing I’ve got it. Just a heads up….. I’ve heard rumors he’s got some “Must Have” services Getting ready to be offered….And I “Must Have” those services done to my guns!

  4. I took a chance and tried out SPM, MR. Shultz quality workmanship, attention to detail, and overall professionalism is quiet amazing, I have had revolvers worked on at other big name companies and they were somewhat lacking in the public relations department, and the cost of an action job/ porting was substantial. I have had a slew of barrels worked on for my encore, and contender! Each one is awsome cost was fair and I couldn’t ask for a better turn around time, I waited on my 44 mag from another company for 9 months… My barrels took a couple weeks from SPM. I would highly recommend these services, they are done by a company that knows what they are doing. They are quite professional to deal with and will give ideas if those ideas might be interesting to the shooter. I am quite pleased with the work, and my barrels recoil has been dramatically reduced by these superb handmade breaks as well as my groups are tighter.

  5. By far the best person I have ever got in contact with for brakes on my T/C’s, cuts recoil better than half and the best pricing, turn around and work from JR at SPM ARMS he does excellent work and would recommend to anyone. This man takes pride in his work and does exactly what you ask for, will always use this place and everyone should check it out. I believe no matter what you send him you will be very happy. He has done a 460 mag pistol and a 338 win mag rifle barrel for me and it is like I got another new gun. Big hand shakes here.

  6. JR’S work is second to none. I have muzzle brakes and turkey chokes that work flawlessly not to mention comfortable on my shoulder. Also almost all my guns has had a trigger job along with other work that performs great. Thanks again for the perfect work. WD Henry

  7. I’m glad to see jr take this to the next level! He has worked on my guns for years and his work is perfection. Quality work at affordable prices. I would get no one else to work on or customize my guns. Give spm a try. You will not be disappointed.

  8. Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting JR for the first time. All I required was to have my .308 Heavy brl and a 10/22 threaded to accept a can, but I came away with MUCH more. I have considered and rejected several machinists over the past two years for this particular project.

    Being a retired Research Manager, and specifically a metallurgist, I observed exceptional attention to JR’s attention to detail, methods, approach and devotion to his meticulous procedure to achieve excellence in his craft. I was not disappointed in any respect, but thoroughly impressed with all my stringent expectations.

    One thing that particularly impressed me was the absolute second nature in which JR instinctively approached the task, not only my job, but also with countless OTHER projects awaiting their turn, at various stages of completion. Jr’s work ethics and professionalism is unparalleled.

    I would DEFINITELY recommend Shultz Precision Machining to anyone who values their firearms, and especially those who fear any degree of inferior work. “Inferior” is not in JR’s vocabulary. Jr’s price structure is FAR more reasonable than his peers, which surprised me considering his dominance in quality and exceptionally fast turnaround time.

    As long as Shultz Precision Machining is in business, no one, and I repeat, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, will ever be considered to support my firearm needs. JR is THE best, hand down.

    Questions? Call me. 865 719 8819. I’m a no BS shooter, and would enjoy helping my brothers in the field know about my personal experience……This experience deserves to be shared.

  9. First I’d like to say a word about the man, JR is a top notch gunsmith that goes above and beyond, and his work is beautiful and fast. Turn around for my Kimber less than a week.

    I had a Kimber two tone custom 2 nitrided and I am completely satisfied, not only did he coat, I had mentioned in passing I’d like the sharp edges knocked off the slide. When I got my gun back I noticed he did that at no extra charge, tell me when was the last time you had a smith do something free? JR is honest Fast and the work is top notch, and I dare you find someone that can beat his prices. Thanks again and I’ll recommend you to everyone looking for a GREAT GUNSMITH.

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