Our Services and Prices


  • All basic gunsmithing services
  • Nitriding
  • Triggers set, honed, and polished
  • Spring kits installed
  • Recrowning with 11° target crown
  • Shortening and recrowning of barrels
  • Barrel lapping
  • Glass bedding of actions to stocks
  • Pillar bedding
  • Re-headspacing of factory chambers
  • Rechambering of factory barrels to larger cartridge
  • Threading of muzzles with thread protector
  • Muzzle brakes; custom fabrication, threading, recrowning included
  • Complete accurizing services
  • Complete rebuilds available, with benchrest accuracy, rebarrels with premium match barrel, blueprint the barrel, blueprint the action, trigger, and stock work
  • Custom turkey chokes, including competition grade
  • Handgun action and triggers, number chambers, recut forcing cone, porting available and refinishing
  • Barrel fluting available


  • Barrel threading, almost any pitch, standard or metric:
    $60 for single shots
    $60 for bolt actions
    $75 for lever actions and semi autos
    $15 for knurled thread protectors
  • Muzzle brakes:
    $150 for single shots
    $150 for bolt actions
    $175 for lever actions and semi autos
    All prices are installed, plus an 11 degree target crown, plus the brake.
    Most styles available and are all made from stainless steel and are caliber specific for better effectiveness.
  • Turkey chokes:
    $75 for most models.
    Special orders will be quoted as needed
    All chokes are made from stainless steel and nitride coating coated for wear resistance and longer life.
  • Barrel recrowning:
    $40 single shots
    $50 for bolt actions
    $60 for lever actions and semi autos
    Barrel shortening available for an additional $ 10 plus above crowning prices
  • Trigger jobs:
    Polish and lighten TC’S and other single shots $35
    Install spring kits for $10 over the price of the specific spring kit that you desire.
    Bolt actions available also.
  • Nitride coating is available:
    $ 75 for single shot barrels
    $ 75 for single shot frames
    Or $125 for a complete firearm.

Handguns and handguns parts need to be quoted.

All custom work as in cutting semi auto handgun slides and porting will be quoted as requested.

Use the contact form HERE to initiate an order, or for any questions.